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To peruse the contents of this site, just use the navigation portal above. The pages have been grouped according to their relations to the site and for ease of browsing. Updates are listed below.


12 December 2007:
     Updated my mp3 list and added the Amazon wishlist page (both in the webmistress section).

02 September 2007:
     New design featuring Nightwish with their new lead vocalist Anette Olzon. Their first album with her, called "Dark Passion Play", will be released later this month.
     The two songs I've heard with her so far, "Amaranth" and "Eva", both sound really good. She has a very versatile voice and seems to be a nicer person than their former vocalist, Tarja Turunen. Hopefully, Anette will be a part of the band for a long time to come.
     And yes, the design is based on the one I created for the Dark-Host.com website. Why? Just because I can, and because I've been very lazy about updating H-A.org and am trying to make up for it by whipping up something simple. And why's that? Because I can. :P

28 May 2007:
     I got a new domain name for the H.A. Network. It's now Hellish-Alchemy.org. I will be giving the site, and all its sub-sites a makeover soon-ish, to reflect the change.

23 April 2007:
     Relocation of the H.A. Network to Dark Host's server has been completed. I'm not sure whether I want to renew the H-A.com domain or not, because I'd have to repurchase it after it expires... which is a pain in the butt.
     Regardless of whether I keep the H-A.com domain or not, this site can now be reached using the hellish-alchemy.co.nr and hellish-alchemy.cjb.net shortcut urls. The actual location of the site is hellishalchemy.dark-host.com.
     A new layout should also be up soon-ish. The only thing I did with this one is change the title at the top. Yay me.


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